All This President’s Men

Inspired by the hopeful deconstruction of traditional white patriarchy within the long history of American politics. Sponsored by Josephine Sculpture Park

AR 1916

Inspired by eco-friendly energy concepts. It is too heavy to move by wind power alone and too industrial to meditate on, it requires human contact to move forward. Sponsored by Expree Credit Union.

Atlantis #55239

Inspired by the beauty of the Texas Gulf Coast and the legend of Atlantis. The blue-green glass represents water and the limestone, the ruins of Atlantis. Sponsored by Richard Rosen

Batik Hangings

The interior of the children’s section is enlivened by long narrow panels of colorful batik cloths created by Frankfort artist, Doris Thurber. Thurber’s theme is exploring the arts, and the panels represent music, dance, visual art, and literary arts. The fifth panel depicts the process of creating batik, because it seemed important to Thurber to…

Bourbon on Main Mural (Beautiful and Brave)

Artist’s concept: How beautiful and brave we are. Brave in love, in kindness, and in peace. Learning from the wisdom of the natural world and the animal kingdom, we are one with all things. This mural is a representation of a unified love, between all. Every being of life connected by the divine love of…


I love sound sculptures because they invite people to touch the art and enjoy it physically as well as visually. I especially love it when children ring the bell and learn that art is more than just pretty things. Sponsored by Richard Rosen

Church of Ascension

Christians of the Episcopal/Anglican tradition have worshiped on the site of the Church of the Ascension since 1836. The current gothic revival church building was begun in 1848. The building was completed in 1852. In 1868 the apse and transept were added. The parish house was constructed in 1899, and the education wing was added…

Cultured Stone

The inspiration for this sculpture makes it especially suited for a spot in the heart of Downtown Frankfort. Vertical and horizontal ribbons meander up, down, around, under and over each other, intersecting in the center of the sculpture to form a crossroads. This is symbolic of all the intersecting past events and forces that create…


Parker drew his inspiration for this work from insects with their hard-shelled bodies and armor-coated, almost robotic exteriors that still manage to take flight in an instant. Parker resides in Glenside, PA and has shown his work throughout the Eastern and Midwestern U.S. Sponsor: Richard Rosen

Divine Light Glass Chandelier

Methodists have worshiped in Frankfort since 1790. The present sanctuary was built in 1856. First United Methodist Church has a long history of ministry through the arts. The original stained glass windows were recently restored. The 2006 Wesley Center was designed with the arts in mind. Gallery Hall features the work of area artists, students…

First Baptist Church

First Baptist Church of Frankfort, was founded in 1816 and was originally an integrated congregation. However, in 1833, some white members of the church thought it was wise to separate the races, creating two First Baptists – one white and one black. Although this First Baptist was chartered in 1833, the members did not have…

Governor William Goebel Statue

The statue of Governor William Goebel in front of the Old State Capitol is a reminder of the deeply divided politics of Kentucky at the end of the 19th century. After a bitterly contested election, Goebel, the Democratic contestant, was shot as he approached the steps to the Capitol by an unidentified assailant hiding in…


Hairstreak is inspired by the hairstreak butterfly found throughout the continental U.S. This butterfly flits along the Kentucky River valley.

Kentucky River Children’s Mural

The Kentucky River Children’s Mural is a collaborative project made by artists Zingg and Kelley and the children of Frankfort. It is inspired by the plants and animals of the Kentucky River Watershed and was worked on by more than 200 area children.

Liberty Hall Historic Site

Located on the banks of the Kentucky River, Liberty Hall Historic Site was home to the Browns, one of Kentucky’s most important families who were leaders in politics, community, business and education and also appreciated fine art and architecture. The two homes located on the site, Liberty Hall and the Orlando Brown House, are both…

Monarch Throne

Using the world around us as inspiration, the artists create snapshots in time using fire and metal. Scot and Laura Kellersberger


Nexus was commissioned by the Kentucky Arts Council, the Transportation Cabinet, and the Finance and Administration Cabinet in 2003. This sculpture is an amalgamation of transportation themes including a bridge, the wing of an airplane, and a boat. The title of the piece means a convergence or coming together.

Now Get

Now Get was commissioned by the Kentucky Arts Council, the Transportation Cabinet, and the Finance and Administration Cabinet in 2003. Artist Garry Bibbs created columns to represent government and order, while the looping bridge forms connecting the columns represent travel, both in time and in space, culminating in the abstract flying automobile at the top.…

Old Federal Building

Built of Kentucky and Indiana limestone in 1887, the Old Federal building in the Second Empire style served first as the federal courthouse, then as a post office, and most recently as the Paul Sawyier Public Library. The harbor master was located on the top floor because of the excellent view of the Kentucky River.…

Open Heart

This sculpture was inspired by missing my wife while she was on a business trip to Japan. Her absence gave me time to think about the strength it takes for her to be emotionally vulnerable and her willingness to love without reservation. Sponsored by Expree Credit Union

Ready for Flight

An emblematic dragonfly resting atop freshwater river grasses modeled after native Kentucky species. The woven bronze dragonfly represents the connections between the local community, the neighboring school and the city, symbolizing stewardship, strength, opportunity and resiliency. The sculpture connects the inspiration of flight with the support of stable roots. Sponsored by the National Endowment for…

Rick’s White Light #2: “Being Yourself”

This mural features The White Light’s well-known chef and owner Rick Paul, who has twice been featured on The Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. Muralist Jenkins offers this quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson as its best description. “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the…

Rivers that Talk and Bridges That Sing

Rivers That Talk and Bridges That Sing is a sound installation housed in an upright canoe. It is inspired by childhood memory, the threat of flooding and the desire to care for the river.

RJ Corman Children’s Mural

The RJ Corman Railroad Bridge spans Wilkinson Street, one block before the railroad crosses the Kentucky River. Trains run through downtown Frankfort several times a day, and the rumble of the train is part of Frankfort’s heritage. This 2010 project was spearheaded by artist and art teacher Jennifer Zingg who made the project the focus…

Seedlings Three

Seedlings Three is about growth and the nourishment required by all forms of life. My personal connection to the work is represented in the fact that my siblings and I make three. Sponsored by Richard Rosen

St. John AME Church

St. John A.M.E. Church was established in Frankfort in 1839, though the present church was built in 1893, designed by Professor Moses Davis, an instructor of mechanical art at the Kentucky Normal and Industrial Institute, now Kentucky State University. The pastor of the church was the brick-mason. The early members of this African Methodist Episcopal…


“Surprise!” features two children who stand above a large window toward the front of the Capital Cellars’ alley wall. The young boy holds a magical bottle, from which giant vines, plants and flowers are growing. The young girl looks excited, as the magic happens in front of her eyes. Many flowers in the design, like…


The sculpture was inspired by the artist’s horse, Tasia. Growing up she always wanted to be around horses and when she was 17, she bought Tasia instead of a car. Horses are a theme that can be seen throughout her work. Sponsored by Expree Credit Union

Taylor Marshall Building: “World on a String”

With this mural, artist Jimmy Joe Jenkins’ seeks to convey a feeling of happiness and confidence that everything will work out in one’s favor and that one is in complete control.He believes we all live on this beautiful planet in the diverseness of shapes and colors and hold powers that allow us to live together.…

The Conversation

The stage is set, the curtains drawn, and a drama unfolds. This scene portrays Kentucky. The empty chair has been used by David for over a decade, depicting human presence.  The imaginary constellation echoes a conversation, jumping randomly from point to point, veering off on different tangents, and circling back to discover new ideas and…

The Grand Theatre: Tribute to George C. Wolfe

This mural is a tribute to Frankfort native George C. Wolfe who won a Tony Award in 1993 for directing Angels in America: Millennium Approaches and another Tony Award in 1996 for his direction of the musical Bring in ‘da Noise/Bring in ‘da Funk. Wolfe gained a national reputation with his 1991 musical Jelly’s Last…

The Old State Capitol

The Old State Capitol introduced Greek Revival architecture to the United States west of the Appalachian Mountains. With its portico and fluted columns, it made the statement that Kentucky was a progressive state, looking to the future. Built of Kentucky River limestone, it features a rotunda on top, which floods the interior of the building…

Trees of Kentucky

When the Paul Sawyier Public Library moved from the Old Federal Building into its new facility in 2006, it was only natural that the new building include art. After all, it is named for one of Kentucky’s most renowned artists, impressionist painter, Paul Sawyier. Laura Mentor, who created the stained-glass, was struck by Sawyier’s love…


This image features six birds found in Kentucky set against a vibrant swirl of color. The birds include the Ruby-throated Hummingbird, Cardinal, Kentucky warbler, Blue bird, Barn swallow and Indigo Bunting Though the birds are largely representational, the artist gives some of their feathers a unique geometric design that pulls the work into the present,…

Welcome to Historic Frankfort

This mural consists of three vignettes of historic Frankfort sites- the Old State Capitol, the Singing Bridge located on the Kentucky River, and the Daniel Boone Monument.