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Visitor Center

Erected in 1906, the McClure Building was Frankfort’s first skyscraper- or at least as close to a skyscraper as the town would have for over sixty more years.  Looking like its bigger cousins being built in Chicago, the McClure Building must have seemed very modern to a town still accustomed to horse-drawn conveyances.

People’s State Bank was an early tenant of the ground floor of the McClure Building. In the 1920’s, the Hughes Drug Store was in the corner of the building, at 308 St Clair Street.

For much of its history, two clothing stores- Lerman Brothers and J.C. Penney- occupied the ground floor of the McClure Building.  Lerman’s was at this address from the early 1940’s into the late 1950’s. Opened here by 1932, Penney’s stayed in this location into the 1970’s.  

Present day, this beautiful space on the ground floor of the McClure Building is home to The Frankfort  / Franklin County Tourist Commission and Visitor Center.  Visit Frankfort has information for you about everything to do and see in Frankfort. Our friendly, knowledgeable team will help you plan your trip to Frankfort, provide ideas for your visit to Frankfort and Franklin County, and let you know about upcoming events and activities. We are a great resource for group tour planners, meeting planners and travelers of all kinds.


300 Saint Clair St., Suite 102,  Frankfort KY 40601


8am – 5pm, Monday – Friday