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Welcome to the Frankfort Public Art Tour

Frankfort is more than the state capital of Kentucky. It’s the Public Art Capital of Kentucky, a community with a rich artistic history and diverse cultural heritage.

Curated by the Josephine Sculpture Park, the Frankfort Public Art Tour invites you to take a deeper look at the Capital City to discover its historic architecture, stained-glass windows, murals, statues, and ultimately its people.

Go back in time with a visit to historic Liberty Hall constructed in the early days of Kentucky’s statehood, or stroll around downtown taking in the murals and sculpture that celebrate Frankfort’s place as a hub of modern life. With its more than 10,000 flowers, the Floral Clock is one of the most popular sites in Frankfort, as is the Kentucky Vietnam Veterans Memorial, a tribute in the form of a giant sundial whose shadow falls on the name of each fallen veteran commemorated on the granite plaza on the anniversary of his death.

Whether you plan to map out a path to view your favorites, prefer to amble about, or just experience Frankfort’s rich public art offerings online, we invite you to enjoy the stellar art our city has to offer.

Brochures for the Frankfort Public Art Tour are available at the Frankfort Visitor Center, 300 St. Clair St., Suite 102.

Bloom Where You’re Planted

Sally Meyers

2021, Steel

Color and Form

Howard Goldfarb

2022, Powder coated aluminum, polished aluminum

The Elegance of Simplicity

Flaminio Antonio

2020, Metallic Spoons, Forks and Knives.

Mother & Daughter

Frederick Napoli

2021, Welded and painted aluminum and stainless steel

Star Seed

Don Lawler

2021, Indiana limestone


Kirk Seese

2023, Plasma cut steel, CNC cut 1/2" clear, polycarbonate, UV inks


Adam Garey

2015, Fabricated steel

Architectural Reliquary: Art Deco Metropolis

Suzy Hendrix

2022, Steel, exterior grade cast glass, mosaic, and resin

Skate Leaves

Christopher Fennell

2023, Aluminum


Don Lawler

2021, Indiana Limestone

Drosera Maximosa

John Parker

2023, Painted steel


Adam Garey

2019, Patina on fabricated steel

Full Circle

Andrew Arvanetes

2023, Painted aluminum


Ben Pierce

2018, Fabricated and painted steel

Basics #62

Matthias Neumann

2023, Locally Sourced Construction Lumber

The Next Bluegrass

Michael O'Khaen

2023, Reclaimed wood, paint, resin

The Psychiatrist Is In

Jennifer Meyer

2016, Found Objects Sculpture (Interactive)

Octavious Ocho

Jaclyn Herr

2023, Steel tubing and other repurposed metal

A Crack in the River

James Dinh & Landon Crowell

2023, Limestone

Better Together

Mauricio Ramirez

2023, Paint on concrete

Atlantis #55239

Damian Piour (1949-2011)

1991, Fossiliferous Limestone & Glass

Humpty Dumpty’s Great Fall

Kimber Fiebiger

2021, Bronze

Ready for Flight

Jim Benedict & Lily Kuonen

2022, Bronze

Monarch Throne

Scot and Laura Kellersberger

2022, Steel


Derek Ball

2021, Steel square tubing


Kimber Fiebiger

2017, Bronze

The Conversation

David Carmack Lewis

2021, Acrylic


Jessica Bradsher

June 2021, Steel

Welcome to Historic Frankfort Mural

Welcome to Historic Frankfort

Carla C. Phillips

2010, Acrylic on aluminum panels

Rivers that Talk and Bridges the Sing sculpture

Rivers that Talk and Bridges That Sing

Joanna Hay

2017, Fiberglass canoe with audio

Kentucky River Children's Mural

Kentucky River Children’s Mural

Jennifer Zingg, Travis Kelley, and the Children of Frankfort

2014, Acrylic

Rick’s White Light #2: “Being Yourself”

Jimmy Joe Jenkins

2020, Acrylic

Mural featuring a red bird holding the globe by a string

Taylor Marshall Building: “World on a String”

Jimmy Joe Jenkins

2020, Acrylic

The Grand Theatre: Tribute to George C. Wolfe

Jimmy Joe Jenkins

2020, Acrylic


Cecilia Lueza

2020, Acrylic and spray paint

Surprise! mural


Giuseppe Percivati

2019, Acrylic

Beautiful and Brave mural

Bourbon on Main Mural (Beautiful and Brave)

Anna Murphy & Paula Murphy

2019, Acrylic

Josephine Sculpture Park

Melanie VanHouten, Artistic Director and Varied Artists

2009, Contemporary Sculpture and Graffiti Murals

Hathaway Hall

Hathaway Hall

Milton Thompson of Oberwarth and Associates

1967, Brutalism

Whitney M. Young, Jr. Statue

Whitney M. Young, Jr. Statue

Ed Hamilton

1998, Bronze

Daniel Boone Monument

John Haly, Robert E. Launitz

Circa 1860-1862. New panel erected 1906., Limestone and Marble

Kentucky Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Helm Roberts

1988, Sundial

Ephraim McDowell Statue

Ephraim McDowell Statue

Charles Henry Niehaus

1930, Plaster Relief Model on Swiss Marble Pedestal

Alben Barkley Statue

Alben Barkley Statue

Walter Kirtland Hancock

1963, Bronze on swiss marble base

Henry Clay Statue

Henry Clay Statue

Charles Henry Niehaus

1930, Plaster Relief Model on Swiss Marble Pedestal

Pediment on the State Capitol

Pediment on the State Capitol

Charles Henry Niehaus

1909, Indiana Limestone

Abraham Lincoln Statue

Adolph Alexander Weisman

1911, Bronze on serpentine green marble pedestal

Floral Clock. Says "team"

Kentucky Floral Clock

William C. Livingston, Oberwarth and Livingston Architects

1961, Concrete bowl with gold cast aluminum hands on stone pool with flowers and soil

Church of the Ascension

Church of Ascension


1848, Brick

Divine Light Glass Chandelier

Divine Light Glass Chandelier

Brook Forrest White, Jr.

2007, Blown Glass

Old Federal Buidling

Old Federal Building

Mifflin Emlen Bell, Supervising Architect of the Treasury (SAT)

1887, Second Empire, Chateauesque. Materials: Bedford, Indiana Limestone upon a base of stronger Oolitic (Bowling Green, Ky) limestone

Trees of Kentucky

Trees of Kentucky

Laura Mentor

2006, Painted Stained Glass

Batik Hangings

Batik Hangings

Doris Thurber

2008, Batik

Liberty Hall

Liberty Hall Historic Site

John Brown

1796, Federal

Now Get sculpture

Now Get

Garry Bibbs

2006, Welded Stainless Steel

First Baptist Church

First Baptist Church


1908, Brick

Zeigler House

Ziegler House

Frank Lloyd Wright

1904-1910, Prairie School

St. John AME Church

St. John AME Church

Professor Moses Davis

1893, Brick

Nexus Sculpture


Erika Strecker & Tony Higdon

2006, Welded Stainless Steel

Centennial Murals

Centennial Murals: Nature, Progress, Culture and Industry

Evergreene Architectural Arts of New York City

2010, Oil on canvas with aluminum gilded borders

RJ Corman Children's Mural

RJ Corman Children’s Mural

Jennifer Zingg and Children

2010, House Paint on Concrete

Old Capitol

The Old State Capitol

Gideon Shryock

1830, Greek Revival

Goebel Statue

Governor William Goebel Statue

Charles Henry Niehaus

1914, Bronze on granite base