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Divine Light Glass Chandelier

Methodists have worshiped in Frankfort since 1790. The present sanctuary was built in 1856. First United Methodist Church has a long history of ministry through the arts. The original stained glass windows were recently restored.

The 2006 Wesley Center was designed with the arts in mind. Gallery Hall features the work of area artists, students from Kentucky State University, and church members.

The most striking feature is a glass chandelier created by Brook Forrest White, Jr., owner of Flame Run Studio in Louisville. The Fine Arts Committee chose the biblical Pentecost text as the inspiration: “They were gathered in one place and the Holy Spirit descended on them as tongues of fire.”

White’s “Divine Light” chandelier is a nine-foot sculpture comprised of three glass bowls suspended from a metal frame and representing the Trinity. The bowls appear to be holding dancing flames, which represent the fire of the Holy Spirit. They are actually more than 50 separate pieces of blown glass. The chandelier is visible at night through the large glass windows.