Capital Cellars Mural (Surprise!)

“Surprise!” features two children who stand above a large window toward the front of the Capital Cellars’ alley wall. The young boy holds a magical pot, from which giant vines, plants and flowers are growing. The young girl looks excited, as the magic happens in front of her eyes.

Many flowers in the design, like the sunflowers, can be found in Kentucky. The artist intends to make minor modifications to this design before beginning his work which will include adding more flowers found in Kentucky and arranging the spray of vines to encircle the windows, so they don’t appear cut off. Please note: one of these images does not include all of the windows on the building, however, the artist is aware that windows may not be painted over.

This work is intended to transmit a sense of joy, surprise and excitement. The large sunflowers are intended to provide a welcoming place for people to take pictures.

Sponsor: Richard and Anna Marie Rosen