Frankfort, Kentucky- small town with BIG History and BIG ideas

Frankfort, Kentucky offers a variety of sites and attractions, with our more popular ones being the Capitol Building and Buffalo Trace Distillery. But we encourage you to take a closer look.  Visit Frankfort for beautiful hiking trails or fun river adventures.  Or- as Lori Erickson, Correspondent withe the Gazette discovered, visit Frankfort for the history and entertaining tales of the past that you may only hear if you delve a little deeper. Take time out to visit our locally owned shops, restaurants, and local museums to learn all about Frankfort’s BIG history and BIG ideas surrounding this small town!

this small town is an overachiever when it comes to attractions. Surrounded by rolling wooded hills and bluegrass pastures, its character has been shaped by an assortment of eccentric adventurers, distinguished statesman, and more than a few scoundrels. Today Frankfort blends warm Southern hospitality with a vibrant entrepreneurial spirit, making this a city on the rise.


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