With its location in the Upper South, Frankfort has a moderate subtropical climate, with abundant rainfall. Kentucky has four distinct seasons, but rarely experiences the extreme cold as far northern states, nor the high heat of the states in the Deep South.

Frankfort’s Four Seasons


Average temperatures 55°F to 75°F

Springtime in Frankfort is the most celebrated time of year. The bluegrass turns a bright green, the dogwoods bloom a beautiful pink or white, and the trees glow in many shades of green.


Average temperatures 63°F to 87°F

Summer in Frankfort means warm days and passing thunderstorms. The long days give us sunlight until after 9 pm – perfect for wandering and experiencing all of our small, spirited city.


Average temperatures 57°F to 80°F

Fall in Frankfort brings cool, crisp days with lots of sunshine. The trees turn beautiful reds, yellows and gold and the scent of bourbon being distilled is in the air.


Average temperatures 41°F to 46°F

Winter brings cool days with periods of rain. Snowy days can also occur, usually in January and February.